Up, down, here, there

So yesterday was a rollercoaster of a day. I'm still trying to process a bit of uneasy, but probably good, news I got from my doctor (don't worry, all is well... it's just means a bit of an adjustment) and Keith's mom is coming to visit for few days, so there's housework and then there's a political issue that I've gotten deep into (and can't get out of).

And I sold my first piece on Etsy. WOO HOO.

A lovely buyer from Ontario bought a pouch I'd listed when I first stocked my shop. It was one of my favourites, with the lining print and buttons. I'm kind of sad to see it go, but at the same time, bloody elated I've finally sold something.

So this morning, I wrapped the pouch and a couple of cards up in some recycled tissue paper (I have piles, thanks to having a baby last year) and put it in the mail. I was under the impression that I was going to end up using the entire revenue from the sale on postage, but nope... the Canada Post worker at the mall slid my package right through the 20mm 'slot of doom' no problem. Well, she had to squeeze it a bit, but she was kind of rushed off her feet as she was also manning the mall's customer service desk, all alone. So kudos to you, nice Canada Post/customer service lady :)

And then this:
made the day complete. Thanks, Roger :)

The Christmas in July sale is still going on in my shop until Sunday - free shipping on everything in the Christmas in July section. I'm planning another surprise sale for later this week, too... all depends on how busy we are with Keith's mom and everything, but keep checking back here (or follow me on Twitter - @nisseworks) to find out the pertinent info.

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