Drip drip drop...

With all the work that I put into my Etsy shop, I tend to forget that I've got a photoblog that I need to work on, too... the photos I post on there are available for sale, as well, but I'm not posting pictures I've taken only for profit. I like taking pictures and our backyard has provided me many great opportunities to do just that... and why not show everyone the many shots of the daisies I've got in my backyard, from every angle possible?

There's only a week before I plan on kicking off my Christmas in July sale in my shop, so I've got tons of work to do - banners, display ads for my Project Wonderful account, promotions, and most importantly, what specials I'm going to put on. There's also all the pieces I have finish before next Thursday, but all that work is on the backburner for now.

And there's all the non-work stuff we've got going on for the rest of the week - heading out to my parent's, Maddy's 18-month vaccinations, attempting to organize various parts of the house, golf tournaments... whew. I miss summer holidays somedays...

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