Not quite two turtle doves...

Day 2 of the Christmas in July sale on Etsy. In my shop, there's free shipping on everything in the Christmas in July section, but my Twitter followers (I'm @nisseworks) will have the first dibs on some great surprise deals between now and July 25th. What kind of deals? Well, I can't tell you that because then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?

There's still lots of other items in my shop available, too, just not part of the Christmas in July sale. And many, many, MANY other Etsy sellers are participating in the Christmas in July sale. Check out this Etsy blog post for more info.

I'm aiming to have a lot of new pieces listed in my sale section this weekend, as well has some different - ie. things that aren't pouches, wallets or bags - listed. Watch my shop or follow me on Twitter to stay up to date.

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