Busy, busy, busy... I think

Pleats! I'm trying pleats! My method isn't exactly traditional, I'm sure, but it works for me. So far.
It's been a busy week so far. But I can't actually remember much of it, beyond Keith having to fix the plumbing in the kitchen after the drain pipe fell apart in his hands. And a nap yesterday that ruined my day. But ask me what we did on Monday and I couldn't tell you a blessed thing.

I do know that I spent some time on Tuesday doing some work...not much, but some. I'm in the process of winding down my shop's Christmas in July sale and starting to get ready for the craft sale season. I've already got a preliminary booking for some custom work from a friend of mine for her family's Christmas gifts, something I didn't expect at all. I haven't really been pushing the custom work option for my work, but maybe it's something I could/should do for friends and family. I mean, it's easier to showcase my work and available fabrics to people I know than ones I don't, at least at this stage, right?

The next couple of months should be pretty busy, with craft sales and just trying to keep on top of opportunities for sales. I'm still thinking of branching out to do some more graphic design work (calendars and gift tags, specifically), but finding time to do that would mean taking time away from the work I already do. Decisions, decisions...

Today is going to *hopefully* be a very busy day, getting half a dozen - if not more - pieces done. First though, I need to clean up my sewing table... I can't keep working under the threat of a fabric avalanche every time I sew a seam. I think it may be time to start seriously looking at a proper organization system... this 'pile it somewhere, I'll find it later' system just doesn't work anymore.

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