The clothes made the kid

Maddy's at my mom's for her first sleepover and I'm taking advantage of being child-free to declutter her room.

This means going through all of her outgrown clothes and sorting them. So far I've taken them all out of the various boxes and plastic tubs they've been stored in...and I'm in awe at how much there is. Even though I bought probably half of those clothes, it didn't really sink in until I had them all in front of me how many clothes my almost-19 month old has gone through.

And seeing them all in one place makes me even more determined to make more clothes for Maddy. I've made a few dresses and tops this summer for her, from fairly simple patterns. I'm leery about trying things like pants and shirts with yokes - two things I never quite got in high school home ec. - but if it means saving some money, I'll try it.

I grew up with a mom - and grandmother and aunt - who made a lot of our clothes and have never really been a brand seeker. Sure, I had my favourite brands, but most of those came along once I started buying my own clothes. I'm not saying that how I grew up was better than anyone else, but learning about the quality of garments - especially when you have to pay for them out of your own pocket - is something a lot more people, especially teenagers these days, need to do.

Half that pile in the photo just slid off the couch onto the floor. If I want to have Maddy's room completely cleared out before I sit down and relax with a DVD for the evening, I should probably do something about that. Hrm.


  1. It is much more fun to blog about organizing, than it is to actually do it, isn't it?

    I took a big box to Value Village this morning, and then went shopping for a Big Boy Bed.

    They grow up too fast!!!

  2. They do. I'm not liking it, but I guess it has to happen :)

  3. You just need to have another one!


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