Me, age 2. All together now - awwwwww....
I'm Stacey.

Some of you reading this may know me already. A lot of you don't.

And that may be a good thing.

I'll try to keep this as painless as possible.

I'm a graphic designer by trade - something I learned in the many years I worked for teh student newspaper at Brandon University, The Quill. There is no magical piece of paper that says I know how to be a graphic designer and I don't mind one bit. Hands-on learning is always a better method anyway (at least in my mind... and that applies to almost everything, not just design). I don't actually have a degree or diploma in anything, even though I spent 8 years in university... most of those working at The Quill. Yeah, I'm not exactly someone to model your career path after.

I've had a few 'real' design jobs over the years, mostly smaller newspapers, where I learned skills beyond just graphic design. I've been an editor, business manager, advertising salesperson, receptionist, general office worker... all skills that I think I can still put to use as I try to get my own business off the ground.

Maddy & I in our backyard, aka my haven.
I left my semi-government job almost 2 years ago to have my daugther - Maddy. She's aweseome.  Bundle of energy and fun and frustration... it's been a lesson in organization, trying to work while she's around, but I think we've finally figured out a solution that fits everyone. I hope...

My mom taught me how to sew, when I had make something simple for the sewing badge in Brownies. I learned on the machine I have now - a no-longer-produced Singer 247. She - my mom - can sew like there's no tomorrow and is a very prolific quilter. She taught me how to quilt, too... and still gets frustrated with my inability to hide the tails of the threads.

The graphic design bug hasn't been completely extinguished by my newfound interest in sewing - I'm still planning on producing some print & digital pieces to sell this fall, once I settle on a venue.

There. That covers the important stuff, I think.

At this point, I have shops on Etsy, Cargoh, a Photoblog, and Twitter. Feel free to check them all out and even follow me on Twitter.

Thanks :)