Taking a breath

In the crazy, hectic, nutso life I live, I've apparently decided to sign up for the 2010 lovely package exchange, hosted by oh, hello friend. I haven't got a clue what I'm going to put in my package, but I've already got an idea of how I'll be presenting it :)

Like I said, it's been a little busy here lately. Maddy is into - and on - everything, Keith's working longer shifts on what are usually his days off, the house just seems to be one small step away from being thrown into utter chaos... more or less, this is how it's been for the last 14 months.

I'm a few days away from officially opening my Etsy store. I've got quite a bit of product done with just some final, small details to finish up; the digital side of the store - the banner and avatar - are done, but I still have to get a bio/welcome message/buyer's message done up tonight. If I don't think of something new to sew.

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