Keeping above water

This is what my desk currently looks like.

I may try to straighten it up later today, but laundry and finishing up some pieces for my Etsy store are a bit more of a priority. And taking care of Maddy. And trying to sort out the grocery flyers for next week's shopping trip.

And that is why my desk looks like a disaster area. I will say, though, that I can be organized when I have to be. Anything that is really important - personal info, financial info, etc - is open, reviewed and filed away pretty quickly. It's all the extra stuff that piles up... like my 1970s headphones (which still rock today), month-old flyers and hand creams that seem to multiply like Gremlins.

I will be posting lightly this weekend as my favourite fabric store is having a massive sale and I'm in need of some new material and notions to work with.  I will post an update on my store when (not if) I've got the new pieces up and will try to post something about what I plan on attempting next.

Have a good weekend!

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