A slight uptick

We've been pretty lucky - and not - this year. It certainly hasn't been as cold as it usually is. There were no stretches of -40C longer than a few days, but the snow... so much snow this year. It's nice to have the white stuff for snowmobilers and farmers, but come on... when the snow is even with our front porch landing, it's a bit much.

This week, we've seen the temperatures increase to daytime highs above freezing, which means added humidity and hoarfrost most mornings. I took these photos a few days ago when the frost was pretty thick, but only on the westward side of everything. A little odd, if you ask me.

I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy now that it's getting warmer. I've started thinking about my garden plans this year and whether or not I should expand the veggie garden and what to do about the flower gardens. And the rose bushes - move or leave them? That all depends on how many times Maddy runs into them once we get the fence up in the backyard and let her roam free.

I've got a pile of catch-up work to do - including a post that I'm going to attempt to get up tomorrow - before the weekend is over. Likelihood of actually getting through the entire pile? Slim to none, but it doesn't hurt to have a goal, right? Even it is futile :)

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