Just about there...

Today's the day.

*deep breath*

My Etsy store should be live by this evening, barring any tech disasters. I used my camera yesterday, so it should be good to go; my computer's kinda slow, so I'll shut it down while I'm taking product photos; I've got 99% of my bio/policies/etc. done, just need to get Keith to take a look at them.

There a slight feeling of trepidation with all of this - this is the first time I've put myself out there, things I've designed and created, for other people to see (and maybe, just mabye, buy). For the majority of my career, I was a faceless name, just someone who built ads for a living. Now, I'm completely and utterly responsible for everything - product, promotion, financing... terrifying, really.

But I should really get to work. *deep breath*

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