Shifting gears

I keep saying that I'm busy and that things are crazy, but in reality, things aren't that busy or that crazy. I've been trying for 4 or 5 months now to start up a business that is floundering, through no fault of my own. There's been an insanely intense learning curve along with the start of this business, something I wasn't really prepared for. I'm not saying that I'm ready to throw in the towel and get a job in "the real world", as some people like to tell me... I'm not sure what I'm ready to do, but it's not quit.

There's been a lot of debate lately - both internally and with Keith - about what I hope to get out of *all of this*, this business I've attempted to start. I still question myself, almost daily, if sewing cute bags (and I do think they're cute, and I don't think much is cute beyond baby animals and Maddy) is what I should be doing as a career. I like sewing, but is it an effective way to express my creativity.

I had decided a couple of months ago to use July to make non-Etsy pieces - things I was planning on selling at the two craft sales I'm hoping to be in this fall. I'm still sorting out what exactly I'm going to do up, but so far the list includes:
  • pin cushions, if only because I need another one.
  • needle books, because I definitely need some to store my embroidery needles in, as the random bits of fabric that are tangled in the loose floss I have just doesn't work anymore.
  • small change purses/wallets, because I can make those with my eyes closed (and some look like I have... ahahahahahaha...whew)
  • key fobs/lanyards, because I may need one as the caribiner on my key ring is old and a pain in the butt.
That's all I've got so far, but that may be enough. Biting off way more than I can chew isn't beyond the realm of possibility, but time isn't exactly on my side for the rest of the summer and I like spending time outside. Choices, choices...

But if I want to be successful (and happy), then the ugly choices are going to have to be made on occasion. Fingers crossed, though, that the end result is worth it.

That gorgeous pink poppy in the lead-in photo was a lovely surprise in my garden last week when it bloomed. I remember seeing it last year, but nothing ever really came of it, beyond what I thought was a different kind of fern (the leaves are very fern-like, but hairier, for lack of a better term). This spring has been fairly wet (to put it mildly) and I wasn't expecting much to come of my backyard hodge-podge flower garden, outside of the usual daisies, hostas and tiger lilies.

But that poppy... there were five blooms all total. That photo doesn't do the brilliance of the coral of the petals justice... or the deep, royal purple of the centre of the flower. Just breathtaking... and a definite inspiration for a colour combination in a future piece.

We had a few storms and torrential downpours here on the weekend, so when I went out Sunday afternoon, I wasn't that surprised to see the petals gone from the flowers. But what was left - where opium is most commonly found - is just as stunning. I'm not someone who marvels over the beauty of plants and flowers for the most part (especially what some may consider to be 'classical' beauty), but I'm willing to say that the poppy - both in bloom and after - is the most beautiful flower I've ever seen.

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