Diamond in the rough

There's a folder in my bookmarks where I've saved links to sites that I've become a regular reader of over the years. When I'm bored - or, more likely, procrastinating - I go to that folder so I don't end up constantly refreshing my Facebook or Twitter for an hour straight, or re-reading the headlines on Bourque for the umpteenth time.

One of my favourite sites in that folder is The Canadian Design Resource. I really should visit it more often than I have been lately... it's a fascinating collection of (mostly) Canadian design in every kind of format imaginable. I'm a big fan of the travel/transportation-related submissions, as well as the historical ones (especially the WWII posters). It's nice to see people actually appreciating the fact that we can actually produce designs that can compete with the ones the U.S. media throws at us all the time.

The massively-wide variety of designs on the site is impressive too... not just graphic, but fashion, ceramic, architectural, industrial, textile, paper... just, wonderful. 

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