PSA or plea?

I'm waist-deep in unfilled pin cushions for this weekend's sale, but I had to post this:

This Is Handmade.

If you think this messenger bag is overpriced, or that this purse isn't worth $24, especially after watching those clips... then there's no hope in changing your mind. And if you think that my work - or any other independent handmade artisan's work - is worth the price we ask, then please, remember us this holiday season.

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  1. I knit and sew so I know how much work goes into things. I also have a list in my head of people who are worthy of receiving my hand-made gifts and those who won't appreciate them.

    My father-in-law gave me a handwritten thank you note when I made him a scarf for Christmas one year. (6+ feet of baby weight yarn...ugh) I will knit for him again!


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